Support the Cause

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As we are all college students, we are in search of funds to ensure the truck continues to operate. Any donation or sponsorship would be greatly appreciated.

All donations will go towards gas money, necessary repairs and modifications.

Thank you for your support.

Proud Supporters
Anthony Gilkenson
Adam Donaghey
Mike Jenkins
Jeff Bassett
Andrew Dunsworth
John Nasteff
Aaron K
Peter Brown
Jeff Bassett
Jennifer Shields
Joanne Goodrich
Pete Indick


2 thoughts on “Support the Cause

  1. Hey is there any way of you guys coming to San Diego? Or if you’re gonna drive around LA let me know when and ill come to see it I think this. Is a wonderful thing you guys did 🙂

  2. Can’t believe I never knew about this until now! Will definitely be making a donation soon. I live about an hour out of LA, towards Palm Springs and visit the park quite frequently (about once a week). Would love to meet you all and the truck sometime. I have started following you on Twitter! Awesome job everyone!

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