We’re a group of friends with creative backgrounds coming together and using our skills to modify a 1988 Toyota pickup to resemble a real life Pizza Planet Truck.

Armed with a few cameras, some maps and fair amount of gas money, we hope to make new friends and have adventures as we cruise around Southern California (and beyond!)

For more info contact us at: pizzaplanettruck@gmail.com


Do you work for Pixar?
We do not work for Pixar, nor are we part of a viral campaign.  We were merely visitors from the outside!

Can you drive to _______?
For now we are staying within Southern California.  However that is subject to change.  Stay tuned.

Can you make me a rocket?
Since we are in the process or redesigning our own rocket we can only offer advice on how to go about constructing your own.

Can you send me a Mega Gulp Cup?
Unfortunately we cannot send you a cup. We received our file from a friend in Japan with the stipulation that we only use it for the truck.

Do you deliver pizza?
We haven’t delivered a pizza yet…


10 thoughts on “

  1. I would love it if you would write about your adventure for our blog DisneyDose.com. You could do some before the journey, multiple during the journey, and one afterwards sharing everything.

  2. Absolutely awesome idea! Pure genius creativity right there. Well done you, guys. Even from all the way over here in Durban, South Africa, we are seriously impressed! Inspirational.

  3. Oh my god! I totally wish I could go! only, I live in Brazil and it wouldn’t be possible by car… But I will be Following you on tweeter and I really hope your dream comes true!

  4. I wanted to do the same thing here in Florida and then I found your project. If I get the funds to build one it would certainly be interesting to have one near Disneyland and Walt Disney World. If you haven’t discovered it yet you may find disneyscreencaps.com to be an excellent site for all your references.

    Great work.

  5. This really is awesome!!!!!!!!!! I have a jeep that i would love to get that rocket on top of………. If there is any way you can make me one, or send me in the direction i could get one that would be awesome……… just let me know……….. great job guys!!!!!!!

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