I Seriously Doubt He’s Getting This Type Of Mileage



Over the past few week we have been having some engine trouble. A few smog checks later and we are still having some engine trouble. Before our road trip last year we took the truck in to have it tuned up. We asked the mechanic to replace anything that was in desperate need of attention.
Upon further inspection this time around we found that the engine is a bit of a hodge podge of jerry-rigged quick fixes as well as some very very well used parts. For instance our spark plugs showed over 100k miles of wear. Chris, our current mechanic on call, noticed that our catalytic convertor appears to be the original. Which means that this specific part has over 237k miles on it. We’ll need to do some further investigation to see if any other parts will need replacing soon.

Knowing these things now it’s shocking thinking back on how even though we knew the truck had quite a few miles on it, as it always seemed to run very well. It somehow managed to continue running even with all these old parts. From the looks of it we’ll need to slowly replace parts when we can. The cost of modifications will soon be dwarfed by the cost of repairs. Thankfully Toyotas seem to run forever.

Tomorrow we’ll be taking the truck in for a rough diagnosis and to replace the catalytic convertor.

We’ll be back on the road soon…


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