Catch Up.

It’s been a while since we last updated the blog but fear not! It’s time to catch up.

Here’s a “quick” clip from our trip to LA.



With a little help from our resident photo wizard Robert the truck has gone as far as our imagination can take us.  Here are a few “snapshots” from recent stops.

The crew headed into the studio to reminisce about the road trip for the interview portion of the final film.  Above is brief clip that shows the the kind of environment we work in.

Last month we met up with T.J., Julie and Partysaurus Rex himself from Pixar Post and took them all to Joe’s Ice for some local flavor.

photo 1

During a quick trip Phelan we had a catastrophic systems failure with the rooftop rocket.

photo 2

However with a bit of elbow grease, patience and a whole lot of packing tape we were able to prepare the rocket for display at the Heroes Complex Gallery in LA for their Righteous Rides and the Dudes Who Drive Them exhibition.


Akiba, a longtime friend of the crew and extended tripod supplier (Marco borrowed his tripod 8 years ago and just returned it), provided the elbow grease along with a steady hand to fix the rocket.-2We met up with Ezequiel and his crew from “Beyond the Gate” which made for an entertaining photo op for passing motorists.

DSCF0838A few days later we participated in our first car show at the 2013 Rossmoor Community Festival.  When we first rolled up we were directed to park “near the other food trucks” but we soon found our place between some exquisite vehicles.

As you can see we’ve had a busy few months and with summer swiftly approaching we have even more outings/events/cruises planned.  Stay tuned for some update later this week…

4 thoughts on “Catch Up.

  1. Awesome – glad to see some more video…and what a bummer to see the damage to the rocket!! By the way, I can’t believe you got to park it by Flo’s Cafe and get some amazing shots of it – how amazing is that! Thanks again for meeting up with us and letting us share a little of the magic of the Pizza Planet Truck.

    Keep up the great work and we can’t wait to see more!

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