The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Happy Holiday season everyone! It has been a while since we posted about our recent adventures, so here goes:


DSCF0584DSCF0582“Thank Yo”

Last month we drove to Burbank for the CTN Animation Expo (Thank you Chase Shields for the invite!) where we had the opportunity to park right next to the entrance to the convention.  Just about everyone who lined up for a panel ended up queuing right next to the truck.  We ended up handing out quite a few of our fliers while many a convention attendees took pictures around the truck.  We even met up with a few longtime followers of the project who we hope to meet up with again down the road.

photo 1

We are in the process of fine tuning many of our existing elements as well as working on some brand new additions (more on that later).  We recently reinforced the structure of our rooftop rocket so the previously repairs would withstand highway speeds without worry.

photo 2

 We have also been experimenting with alternate lighting methods for a brighter rocket.  Various incandescent and LED bulbs have been considered and we will be testing many over the holiday break.

The recent string of wet weather in Southern California (along with a finals and holiday hours) has prevented us from taking the truck for a spin.  The persistent humidity has also delayed an important step in the process of making a new addition to the truck.

Editing continues at a steady pace.  What starts as a simple “quick editing session” turn into a late night/early morning editing session where the ideas flow more freely.  In fact, most of the progress has occurred after midnight.  As we get closer to a rough cut we hope to organize a screening or two in the local area.

If we are overwhelmed by our schedules again and are unable to post before the new year we wish all of our followers Happy Holidays and a safe New Year’s.

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