Phelan Good

The modifications continue! We took a quick trip to Phelan to switch out our bucket seats for a more movie accurate bench seat. This fellow is a 1993 Toyota truck that has sat in the back of the property for some time.  We pulled the truck up beside it and began work.  We had some trouble unbolting the bucket seats from the Pizza Planet Truck for some reason and after a bit of handiwork we figured out why.  It turns that the bucket seats weren’t the original seats.  The previous owner drilled some new holes to accommodate them.  So, it turns out that seats were being held in with only two bolts per seat.  Luckily for us we found out the easy way about this installation flaw.  The good is the new bench seat fits like a glove and looks great.

We now have room for three people in the truck cab!


Now for the modification:

Will we match the multicolored version from Toy Story?

Or the weathered burgundy colored leather from Toy Story 2?
Stay tuned…


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