Use the Wand of Power!

We recently removed our old stick shift knob. When we purchased the truck it came with a sturdy and well built all metal stick shift knob that had its own spinner. This came in handy when we were stuck in traffic since it gave our hands something to do while idling.

However, by the time summer arrived and the temperature rose we figured out that our all metal spinner had to go.  After more than one spot on impression of Toht, after grabbing the stick shift (as well as anything else metal within the cab),we thought it would be best for the truck and our hands to switch the grip.

Since it only appeared as a blur in Toy Story, we planned to modify the stick shift to resemble how it appeared in Toy Story 2 .  Unless we switched out the stick in stick shift we would be close to how it looked.  An easy fix.  But we had other plans….

We drove to our local auto supply store and grabbed the only round stick shift knob.  The 8 Ball!

First coat(s) of color.

A bit of masking.

Second color..

One party favor sticker pack from Target later…

Third color…

The final unveiling!

We thought it added a homemade touch to the truck.  Although it’s not movie accurate, we think people will get the reference.

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