Siggraph and Mega Gulp

A week ago a few members of the crew ventured to the air conditioned halls of the LA Convention Center to explore the floor at Siggraph 2012.  We meandered through the booths and stopped at each for some time, since it would take a few moments for us to figure out what new type of technology we had never heard of was being showcased.  After a few hours of exploring we headed over to the Renderman User Group Meeting across the street.  Although we got lost in the talk of code we were able to see the improvements to render times, something we all understand.  In the end it was an amazing trip, we were able to meet some awesome folks and we look forward to visiting when Siggraph comes to Anaheim next year.

In addition to editing and a few side trips here and there, we have been working on adding more authentic details to the truck.  One detail we made some progress on recently was the Mega Gulp cup for the back of the truck.  With a template sent to us from Shigeru, a fan from Japan who make absolutely amazing homemade Toy Story projects, we began our work.  The only hurdle we have to overcome is a lack of printer ink.  Once we finish the cup we can begin working on the Super Nova Burger box (don’t worry he already knows about the spelling error on his box).

We’ll have a more complete update on our plans to improve the truck and add authenticity later this month. If all goes according to plan we may have some clips from the road trip too…

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