A Brief Editing Overview

Since we’re now in the thick of sifting through many hours of footage from the road trip it would be the best time to explain how we’re tackling this task. As of now we’re about a third of the way into sifting through the footage (the above clips are from our Santa Cruz stops), which explains our use of a single layer on the timeline. Once we get through the clips we’ll begin the first cut. Editing is currently between two computers with the bulk of the road trip footage on the laptop while most of the pre-road trip footage will be assembled on iMac. Editing between two computers should keep us from getting editor’s block since we could always hop five feet to the left and work on another segment.

As of now we’re only focusing on the footage from the 7D and the Vixia. To make sure the footage stays in order we’re editing in short bursts. For instance, on the second day of the trip we woke up in Santa Cruz, drove to Derby Park for a quick skateboarding session and then cruised over to the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum. When editing we started by adding clips from 7D of the crew packing up at the hotel to the end of the skate session. Then we would repeat the process for the Vixia. The clips and time-lapse from the Gopro pose a challenge since each clip run around thirty minutes and in the end we may only use a fraction of each (Though we may upload them in full sooner or later).

We’ve never dealt with such a large amount of footage before that was primarily shot by the same crew. Although some of the crew has participated in our high school’s video yearbook, we were usually assigned only a few sequence to ourselves. This time however it’s as if we shot an entire years footage in a few days.

We’ll delve into more of our editing history in a later post since there are a few project we have done that are similar in shooting style to this one. Stay tuned…


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