It’s All in the Details

Throughout the road trip one of the main concerns people had after viewing the truck was that it was far too clean. While we were in Santa Cruz we tossed a bit of local soil onto the truck but sadly it was washed away in the Northern Californian mists.

Today a few of us ventured to Gum Grove Park in Seal Beach to add a bit of much needed dirt to the truck’s exterior. After a few coats of dirt and refining our mud throwing techniques we have made some progress on truck’s weathered look.

Besides the well worn look of the truck we are currently in the process of refining other details. We have removed the carpeted compartments from the cargo bay, added a tennis ball and slowly added trash (we have a bit of design work ahead of us for that – more on that later). Other areas that need work are the cockpit, which is quite safe due to our restraining harnesses, and the camper shell itself. We’ll be posting an overview of our list of improvements as soon as we can.

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