A Month At Light Speed


Hello everyone. First off I apologize for not sticking to our “post a week” promise from earlier but let’s just say we have been a bit busy with the truck and everything.

Tomorrow we are hosting our first crew BBQ to catch up and discuss future plans for the project, as well as figuring what has to be done for us to get on the road as soon as possible. Besides that we will be working on a few more miniature side quests to add to the journey (more on that later).

Earlier today Jake, Tyler G and I were talking about how we are blown away by how much has happened in the past month. Just the fact that it has been just over a month since D23 is boggling our minds. It seems like it’s been months what with all the leaps and bounds and tweets and posts.

Now, for the real update. Several days ago I left the “Sankara Stone” rocket prototype in the hands of an associate of ours, who is taking it to some people who can help us finish our rooftop rocket(s). We discussed several options when it came to how it would all go together,whether it should be a two piece operation or be formed in three pieces and fused together before we hop on the road. Another operational hurdle we are currently pacing over is our lighting and mounting setup.

Keep checking back for more updates we’ll be sure to post consistently from now on.



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