Dapper Day: An Evening Affair

Yesterday was quite interesting, starting with an unexpected call from an old associate, David Corrigan, who wanted to join in on the Dapper Day fun. After loading up the truck with our supplies we headed out.

After getting some nods of approval from the parking attendants, we made our way up to the fifth floor of the parking structure after a treacherous climb up the rather steep incline.

Self portrait in the windows outside the second story of the Starcade.

 Space Mountain’s line closed shortly after we walked into the line, as we were exiting we took this advantage of this photo opportunity.

Hold on to something horsie, we’re about the make a jump to light speed. Justin Jorgensen, organizer of Dapper Day(s).

Our No-Booze Brews at Trader Sam’s.

When we moved the truck from the parking structure to the Downtown Disney lot David noticed the truck was running a bit hot.  This didn’t become a problem until we arrived back home with steam coming from our radiator.  So, for the time being, this vehicle is grounded


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