It’s Been One Week…

And what a week it has been.  Between waking up and checking twitter to find that Lee Unkrich posted about the project, as well as Motor Trend, and Mice Chat it was a pretty busy week when it came to online buzz (Keep up to date at our “Meet The Press” page.)

Our Facebook page reached a landmark 100 fans today, with Heather Brewer being the one who pushed it into the three digits.

Our donation site has been receiving steady traffic and funding for the past few days.  Thank you everyone who has donated and spread the word about our project. There is still time to donate with 17 days before our deadline.

Tomorrow if you happen to be in the Disneyland/Downtown Disney area we will be attending Dapper Day at Disneyland: An Evening Affair.  For those who have not heard about this event it is a tribute to the original concept sketches of the parks with guests attending in their Sunday best. So, it’s your chance to throw on some snazzy threads and get to the park. It’s a two part event where the first meet up will be at King Arthur’s Carousel at 8PM for “The Dapper Derby” while the second will be at 11:30 at Trader Sam’s for some “After Dapper Drinks”.

We plan on rolling to the parks in the near complete truck, so if anyone would like to the see the truck before we finish up here’s your chance.  Tyler G, Christiana, and a few of our friends will be dressed to the nines with the near complete truck in tow.  We’ll be posting updates via twitter for those who would like to meet up and have a look at the truck.  We’ll have a few surprises in store for those who run into us, so keep your eyes peeled for our crew galavanting through the park after 12.

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