Delis and The Sun

Sean and I spent a good half of the day out and about near the beach, handing out fliers to businesses and building some buzz.  Since it was a Monday, most of the places we stopped by were pretty empty, minus Coldstone and the local pizzeria.

Unlike the last time we did the laps down Main Street many of the employees and managers we talked too seemed rather interested in the project.  One of our former classmates was working at a deli we stopped by and didn’t believe us when we told him about the premise.  Once he realized we were serious he grabbed the closest roll of tape to put it up on the nearest object.

We even strolled into the local newspaper, where we spoke with one of the executives who stopped us pitch and said, “You know what I think you should with this?”.  The mental image of Sean and being forcefully removed from the premises popped into my head and I feared the worst.  Thankfully they were happy to hear about this and we’ll be working with them asap.  Plus, we still have more fliers to give out too.

Halfway through Summer and making progress.

Keep your eyes peeled on July 4th.


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