The Norcal Road Trip Movie – Trailer

In the 8th grade (the first grade in which I had a video camera of my own) I went on a week long class trip to Washington DC and New York, where I spent nearly every moment with the camera in my hand or shoved into someone’s face.  By the end of the trip I think nearly everyone was tired of my obnoxious form of filming, however this seems to be the video that most people from my class bring up the most.

So, when the opportunity came to film another trip I thought that the whole “film-every-second” approach could be dialed down just a smidge, and while only sacrificing a few blink and you’ll miss it moments, a fair amount of footage was captured.

To say that this road trip was taken at breakneck speed would be a major understatement, I’m surprised that the car wasn’t emitting sonic booms as we went from city to city.  You could say that this was a spec trip of sorts when it comes to the final project, though we would probably be able to take our time through the winding roads when it all comes together.

I’ll be posting some clips and most likely the final product, since it will give everyone a sense of what the Pizza Planet road trip just might look like to a degree.  Stay tuned.

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